A downloadable game

About a deadly game show in a futuristic dystopian society.

"Fight neverending attacks
from merciless bounty hunters
in the ruins of the city
and survive the rough conditions of the devastated wasteland."


  • Fight crazy bounty hunters with guns and melee weapons
  • Hypnotize your enemies
  • Watch out for food and water, sleep to fight exhaustion
  • Wear armor to protect your character
  • Stealth and run

Survival Elements

  • Watch out for food and water
  • Sleep to fight exhaustion
  • Deal with day and nights cycles, with cold, heat and radiation
  • Treat wounds and diseases
  • Build campfires to keep warm


  • Explore urban districts and the wasteland
  • Loot weapons, tools and food and repair and mod your loot
  • Lockpick doors or blow them up
  • Collect stims to upgrade your character's body and skills


The game takes place somewhere in the future where the majority of people are living in poverty under an oppressive government. The only hope for a better life seems to be the Lethal Running Game Show where rich rewards are promised to the winners.

As a game show contestant, you must ward off never-ending attacks from merciless bounty hunters in the ruins of the city and survive the rough conditions of a devastated wasteland. You'll work hard to upgrade skills like gun handling and melee fighting, but you're not all brawn. You'll also have to upgrade your engineering skills and to ensure survival, find clean water and cure diseases.

Last but not least, you must win over the game show audience and become its star. You made it! Or, did you? Never forget that death is always close at hand.


  • Dexterity
    • fast weapon switching
    • pocket picking
    • lock picking
  • Guns
    • fast reloading
    • aiming and hitting
  • Constitution
    • fitness for long runs
    • sleep needs
    • immune system
  • Melee
    • attack
    • defense
    • rate
  • Outdoor
    • scouting water and food
    • building campfires
    • cooking
  • Engineering
    • building and disarming pyrotechnics
    • loot modding
    • loot repairing
  • Medical
    • treatment of wounds and diseases
    • herbalism
  • Mental
    • hyopnotizing enemies
    • hacking into terminals
    • stress resistance

Facts and Features

  • Pixel art action RPG
  • Roguelite with permadeath
  • Procedurally generated levels for great replayability
  • Vertical and horizontal character progression
  • For Windows and maybe Linux and Mac
  • Full game scheduled for 2019

You can help us !

If you are interested in playing Lethal Running, please spread the word. Share links, tweet, talk and write about it.


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